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Picked up GAME MASTER Inc. in an UBER under Disguise with Matt! (bad idea) | Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca Zamolo 1 month ago


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Rebecca Zamolo pranked the GMI by going under disguise as an Uber driver!

After Rebecca Zamolo played a GiANT MARIO KART Challenge in Real Life! (Game Master Reveal at Secret Amusement Park) The Real Game Master uploaded Matt Crashes Secret Meeting to see MR X’s Face Reveal! 24 Hours inside Game Master Headquarters. Matt and Rebecca go undercover in disguise as an uber drive to pick u the GMI agents. The couple try to prank the agents so they can get secret clues about the mirror initiative. First, Rebecca must try to get the fingerprints of the Merrell twins and Cloe Couture who are the last 2 targets for the GameMaster remote. Veronica and Vanessa want to do a tik tok at the park but Rebecca comes up with a secret plan to get what they need. Next Daniel hacks into the Game Master Incorporated Uber system and creates an identity for Rebecca and Matt for 24 hours. It works and they pick up two agents at a Starbucks. They get information that there is a giant event called either MI2 or M2. The next knows the secret identity of MR. X, maybe he can help us with a face reveal. Now they have more information they call Cloe to get the final fingerprints to unlock the remote. Will this plan work or with they be discovered and trapped by the GMI Spies? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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Video Credit : Rebecca Zamolo
Video Source : YouTube.com
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